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Long Beach Homes - LONG BEACH - Long Beach, California

Long Beach Homes range in size and price from below 1,000 square feet to well over 10,000 square feet in Virginia Country Club, Los Cerritos, Belmont Heights, Alamitos Heights and Naples.

If you are looking for a Long Beach home, you've come to the right place for your investment and home buying needs. Calcoasthomes features a long list of agents  who provide the information, sell the properties and take care of you most important transactions.

Long Beach homes range in price from a townhome or condo you may find for under $500,000 to houses that cost several million dollars.

There are nearly 500,000 people living in Long Beach with most residing in homes and townhomes or condominiums.  Some houses in the beautiful downtown Long Beach area are nearly 100 years old and retain their charm under the historic property guidelines adopted by the City of Long Beach.

Long Beach features a cosmopolitan landscape with one of the top ports in the U.S., the nation's largest public marina for personal boating, MetroRail service into Los Angles, an airport, conference and convention space, quaint and eclectic neighborhoods, several historic ranchos open to the public, a state university with a one-of-a-kind pyramid, an aquarium, cruise lines, an historic ship and many things to see and do. There are beaches, canals, a marine stadium, loads of nightlife in the vibrant Pine Street district, an art museum, art district and more. Long Beach is  the ideal place to live and enjoy the amenities of city life along the Pacific Ocean.

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